Hello everyone..

I am Colin and I am the proud owner of David Charles Photography & AV - Husband to my beautiful wife, father to my gorgeous daughter and damage controller to my Labrador dog Branston, (yes he is called Branston, after the pickle).

When I haven't got my head buried in a photography book, editing pictures or enthusiastically jumping around photographing clients I like to keep fit by cycling, running, going to the gym, generally being a fitness fanatic. This keeps me healthy and happy ready to spread my infectious smile on to my next customer...

I am an avid walker/wild camper, being out in the middle of nowhere with the bare essentials (gin) and a camera is amazing. I do sell my landscape work but I mainly take landscape photographs for my own personal use and its a great escape from the rat race.

The most frequent question I am asked is "why did you call your business David Charles Photography when you are called Colin?" - The simple answer is - When I set up the company back in 2010 my then business partner and all round awesome chap David Badger and I decided to mix our names in the company name - David (from his name) and Charles (from my name Charlesworth). - I have such a great reputation for the company that I can not change it now.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my bio, have a super day and remember, keep smiling, its infectious.