From time to time we venture out in to the wild (or the wilderness of late night cities) and capture images for people to enjoy, look at and possibly purchase for their own wall. We take pride in our work and will happily take requests for images of certain areas of the country or special places that mean something to you. If we don't have it in our gallery, we will happily photograph it for you. 

Contact us for more information or simply click here to view our gallery for free and purchase prints should you wish. 



Sometime we enjoy playing around with images to create abstract scenes or create images that make you think or look twice. These are great conversation starters during dinner party's or when friends/family visit. We also like to take images of our local area and of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.



Walking around our home town of Otley late at night armed with a flask of coffee, a camera and a tripod is our idea of heaven, capturing the stillness of the evening in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the day is strangely calming and you look at shops, architecture and the way things are built in a completely different light.